Squid vs. MS-Proxy

From: WaiSun Chia <WaiSun.Chia@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 17:11:40 +0800

Dear Squidders,
I'm in the midst of proposing a solution for a customer which includes
a proxy. Naturally, being a Squid user for about 1 year (or 6 internet
years ;-) ), I'm going in with Squid.

But most probably, Microsnot sales people pre-empted me and gave the
customer a copy of M$-Proxy of which enticed the customer so much that
Squid doesn't have much of a chance..

Apart from the technical superior Squid of M$-Proxy, one feature which
M$-Proxy has and Squid doesn't have (yes, I'm afraid it's true..), is
that for proxy authentication, M$-Proxy can derive its users list from
NT's user database. This saves the customer a hell lot of time, if the
customer has more than 50 users (I can't imagine bringing myself using
htpasswd for creating 50 users much less 500 users of which this
customer has)..

So, to beef up our defence against M$-Proxy, any chance of the gurus
out there writing a module to extract the user database from a NT

Wai Sun
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