Re: squid 1.1.18 weirdness ?

From: Mikhail A. Sokolov <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 02:37:42 +0300

On Tue, Dec 09, 1997 at 09:55:49AM +1100, Steve Ollis wrote:
# On Sunday, December 07, 1997 6:43 AM, Mikhail A. Sokolov
# > Hello,
# > could someone explain this please?
# > ls -la /mnt/proxy/cache4/04/42
# > -rw-r--r-- 1 squid squid -264152164423678582 6 AAE 07:18 00032123
# >
# At a guess, I'll bet your running an not-so-recent version of Linux
# (Slackware from memory), and you're running your cache on IDE disks?

Don't bet in such cases ;-) FreeBSD SMP 3.0-Current (yes, that development
branch), Adaptec's 3940Twin Ultra Wide, Ultra Wide SCSI Seagate Barracuda's
(yes, that one, 40mb/sec. I only achieve 37Mb/s though.).
# Check the disk controller, and master/slave settings of your disk. I had
# something very similar, and had to revert to a single disk for the LAN
# cache.

It's 16 of them ;-) And, regarding that timer add-on, I finally came to
conclusion CCD (disks concatenation) won't really improve the speed of squid,
comparing to multi"cache_swap" configurations. It's 0.10% faster here.
# Since then, the controller COMPLETELY died, taking the proxy to the great
# cache farm in the sky. I now run NetCache on one of the internal NT
# servers.

Woo. Since it's an ISP and I am the system administrator (one of several, of
course..).. Mind if I comment? It would be only after my death if I ever let
Linux or Windows* on production machines. This is very well, complicated,
topic to discuss, which doesn't belong to this list. However, now you only
have to trust me. (And, btw, I do hate Emacs and prefer vi/ed to anything else

Definetely, I appreciate your wish to help, thank you.

Let me reformulate the question: if squid understands some piece of swap to
be unreachable by any reason, why don't it leave it alone? In my case it was
just simple hardware failure of the abused HDD (of course, being a cache swap
HDD for half a year isn't simple task), but squid yelled and yelled to syslogd,
that it can't, doesn't want and will not serve the above mentioned block. Of
course, there were no clients served during this time :-(

# Stevo..
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Excuse me, NT and Linux at AT&T? Where does this world go...

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