Fall down go boom..

From: Dancer <dancer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 15:23:20 +1000

Anyone else seen this?
Start squid...cache-index loads. Squid is ready to run.
squid -k shutdown before any connections run to completion (or get made,
squid sits there, reporting that it's waiting for connections to shut
down. (there aren't any)
It seems like it will sit there forever. A second squid -k shutdown, and
squid just mysteriously vanishes, leaving the cache-index in an
undertermined (but useless) state.

Next time you start, obviously, you are stuck with a slow rebuild.
(about 128 minute is how long I have to wait for this particular one, if
I did my math right. *sigh*)

So..Anyone else seen this or been burned by it?


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