Squid Performance Issues.

From: Chris Keladis <chrisk@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 09:46:51 +1100

Hi folx,

We have just recently installed about 20 Squid proxy servers running on either Solaris 2.5, or Linux 2.0.7..

Now i am very unimpressed with speed of our Solaris/Linux squids, as compared to WindowsNT Proxy server v2.0 (bleah :-) )..

The UNIX boxes are P100's, 32MB RAM, with 4 gig SCSI drives, using Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI Controllers, and 10mbit ISA Ethernet cards. I have timed the test loading identical web pages over a 26.4k modem connection. (Allways clearing the local browser cache).

I have concluded Solaris was slightly faster than Linux, but on the WinNT machine (on the same hardware) it was almost twice as fast. I also tried FreeBSD on the machine and the performance was about the Same as Solaris (with identical squid.conf's).

The squid.conf's are fairly generic. I've tried allocating 8, 16, 32MB to squid without to much performance changes, i've set the swap_level1_dirs to 256 which improved performance by 15% but still, no where near NT's performance.

I understand these tests are very preliminary, but i feel i should be able to tweak either Linux, Solaris, or FreeBSD to achieve performance close to NT's.. I've been through the Squid FAQ's, Users Guide and done some changes with minimal effects.. I would like some input in how other users fare with their Squids, and any suggestions on things i can try to help improve it?


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