Need following information from squid logs?

From: Anthony Green <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:28:48 +1100 (EST)

Hello all,

We are currently running squid 1.1.17 and also have cache-stats-1.4

What I would like to know is the possibility of getting the following information
from the squid log files :

Look at squids store log, and produce output on how much data in megabytes
squid is releasing from the disk cache over a specified time period, probably
at the same time we run the cache-stats (1 week here).

I would like to somehow do this (I think its store.log that I need to look at)
because with this information you can see if when the proxy cache is full and doing
LRU replacement how much data it is actually discarding, and therefore judge if
you need to add more disk cache for a busy proxy.

With squids newish 1.* feature of keeping the disk cache objects for "reference_age"
the cache fills up and only does LRU replacement when full. Knowing how much data
the squid proxy has removed from the cache is needed so you can better determine
whether or not to add more disk space to the cache.

Additionally, what date the articles were originally put into the cache would also
be useful so you can see if your proxy is throwing out things it only got 2 hrs ago
etc etc ;)

If you have any comments or suggestions on this subject and would like to implement it
or know how to do this please email myself as I would like to implement such a report
on our squid logs.


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