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From: Luiz Antonio de Souza <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 08:23:51 -0200

Hi squiders!

Recently I use the configuration bellow:

MYLAN====> SQUID1---link 28.8kbps---> SQUID2---link 64kbps--> Internet

All requests works fine, but, when access SSL's pages SQUID1 send a message:

No route to host.....

And SQUID2 don't send this message but, don't execute an especific java
script, please, try access and click the
butom Internet Banking, you see the message:

Applet can't start: class .... got a security violation.......

I think is a configuration problem. Where???? The file squid.conf in
SQUID1 is set inside_fireall to on, all requests is redirect to SQUID2.

When I used a single squid, ( LAN-----> SQUID-----> Internet) these
problems don't occurs... 8-(

Can somebody helpme about this???

Thanks a lot!

Luiz Antonio de Souza Tel.: (011) 215-2455 Ramal 235
Coord. Suporte Servidores - SUs Fac-simile: (011) 273-4384
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