What Actually Happens During a kill -HUP ?

From: Wayne Farmer <wfarmer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:54:40 +1000

I recently did a "kill -HUP" on a running server & it took about a minute
to serve requests again.

I did it again even more recently (same cache) & after 20 minutes, it was
still not ready to serve requests. I couldn't stand the strain any longer
and did a "kill -TERM" & it was up in about 30 seconds (after RunCache did
its work).

During the 20 minute wait, I noticed that an "unlinkd" process was running.
 Apart from neatly waiting for current connections to complete, does a
"kill -HUP" also involve waiting for an "unlinkd" to complete ? Any other
explanations ?

Unfortunately I am not in a position to test the possibilities but I must
know so I know how to avoid this scenario in future.

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