Re: Caching pages ready for later use?

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 01:33:11 +1000

A fine thought. You could make a specific refresh_pattern for them to try to hold
them longer, and maybe use wget or the client program that comes with squid in a
simple script to load them up beforehand.


Jeremy M. Harmer wrote:

> Hi,
> I guess this is an FAQ - and I guess I should read the documentation ;-) but:
> Is it possible to tell Squid to go and grab specified pages ready for later
> use? We're looking for a solution where we can make sure files are cached
> ready for a teaching class to use the following day (or week or whatever).
> Can I then somehow lock these files in the cache so they won't be deleted
> if it runs out of disk space?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy M. Harmer
> University of Leeds

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