Re: Redirectors

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 01:38:45 +1000

Dodd Graham Civ UCSS/SCBS wrote:

> Many thanks to all who emailed me about redirectors, squid is now in a
> test phase before we start blocking.
> Q1. Can I specify certain IP addresses that can access banned sites,
> while most users are limited. No the sys admins are NOT perverts!!
> We're trying to limit users who download software from unauthorized
> sources (like Microsoft) before it's been tested and approved, which is
> part of my job.

Yes. The line of data that is passed to the redirector looks like this: - GET

As you can see, the second field is the source-ip. (, which was
me). You can therefore do clever access control.

> Q2. Banned access gets redirected to another Linux box running httpd to
> pull up our custom page, but when the web server had a network problem
> then squid allowed access to the banned URL's, is this correct?

No...if the redirector is returning a URL, that should be the URL that is
loaded, hell or high-water...Unless there's something going on that I'm not
aware of (possible). Maybe it was a cache-hit? (said dubiously)


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