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From: Steve Kotsopoulos <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:13:40 -0500

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> What does this mean?
> Dec 15 17:19:50 mercury squid[6759]: Failure Ratio at 1.01
> Dec 15 17:19:50 mercury squid[6759]: Going into hit-only-mode for 5
> minutes...
> I can't find find it in the FAQ.

It's coming from the checkFailureRatio function in client_side.c
(at least that's where it is in the squid-1.2 beta source)

To find it in your source, cd to the src directory, then:

% grep 'Failure Ratio at' *
client_side.c: debug(12, 0) ("Failure Ratio at %4.2f\n", fail_ratio);

The comment at the top of the function says:

 * This function is designed to serve a fairly specific purpose.
 * Occasionally our vBNS-connected caches can talk to each other, but not
 * the rest of the world. Here we try to detect frequent failures which
 * make the cache unusable (e.g. DNS lookup and connect() failures). If
 * the failure:success ratio goes above 1.0 then we go into "hit only"
 * mode where we only return UDP_HIT or UDP_MISS_NOFETCH. Neighbors
 * will only fetch HITs from us if they are using the ICP protocol. We
 * stay in this mode for 5 minutes.
 * Duane W., Sept 16, 1996

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