Re: FreeBSD and Squid

From: Takashi Tokunaga <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:46:13 +0900

Dear Arshad,

> Hanged means " everything freezes up" .The keyboard (do not work) and
> screen remain static and the last command which I used
> #tail -f access.log and
> and it was hanged indicating the logs.
> FreeBSD 2.2.5-Release
> squid 1.1.17

To confirm your current situation, you have FreeBSD box which was working
fine before. (Correct?)
And you've installed squid and when you try to run it, your system locks
up. (Correct?)

If your FreeBSD box was working fine and running squid locks up, I suggest
you to check:
1. file system (enough space? no damange?)
2. memory/cpu (how much idle memory/cpu have your got before running
3. squid itself (are you sure it compile fine and with no problems? how
about with different version of squid?)

If above seems to be fine and with ANY version of squid, it still crashes
FreeBSD, I suggest you to check OS itself.
Tough I also use FreeBSD 2.2.5 with 1.1.16, I have no trouble running it.
(Had little trouble configuring but squid-users helped me with it :-) )

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