Re: Squid w/FreeBSD 2.2.5 DNS Fails

From: Peter Wemm <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 12:24:06 +0800

Robert Blayzor wrote:
> I'm seeing the same problem as in a previous post here by Carey Nairn.
> >We just upgraded a 2.1.6 box to 2.2.2-RELEASE and now have problems
> >running squid due to DNS failures. This is pretty wierd since DNS works
> >fine using nslookup etc. The resolv.conf, host.conf, etc. is exactly the
> >same as our old ones, pointing to our DNS server.
> >Recompiling squid under 2.2.2 didn't do any good either.
> >This is using squid-1.1.14 and squid-1.1.16.
> I however did not upgrade, but did a clean install of 2.2.5 then cvsup'd
> to 2.2.5-stable.
> I am running Squid-1.1.18 and I get the same thing. Apparantly it looks
> like FreeBSD 2.2.5 including -stable has a broken gethostbyname(). I am
> wondering if there are any fixes for this or if anyone else has the same
> problem and knows a work around.

Just as a BTW for the squid list; the problem has been found. There were
stale /usr/lib/ binaries on the system. FreeBSD hasn't
shipped libresolv.* for a while (except for a runtime stub in /usr/lib/
compat/), so the gethostbyname() was using a version of res_send() that
didn't understand large file descriptors in select(), and I think it was
getting upset over changes to the layout of the _res structure that was
used in both libc and libresolv.

If there's any chance of getting libresolv specifically ignored for FreeBSD
as is libmalloc, it would save some torn out hair.


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