Re: xmalloc: Unable to allocate 4096 bytes!

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 03:35:24 +0100

This error should only be seen when your system runs out of memory.
Check that you swap is active and working, and that your system does not
limit the maximum program size.

This has nothing to do with kernel tables.

To check the data limit:
  ulimit -d (or "limit datasize" in csh)

To rise the data size to max allowed by kernel:
  ulimit -d unlimited
or in csh
  unlimit datasize

Henrik Nordström
Roch Pageau wrote:
> 98/01/01 19:19:03|     49152 Lines read so far.
> 98/01/01 19:20:42|     53248 Lines read so far.
> FATAL: xmalloc: Unable to allocate 4096 bytes!
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