Re: connected users

From: Tilman Schmidt <>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 10:36:20 +0000

At 16:29 01.01.98 -0500, Chuck Pitre wrote:
>On Thu, 1 Jan 1998, Duane Wessels wrote:
>> How about the 'client list' from the cachemgr?
>Hrm.. I don't have the installed.. I don't like Web Management :)
>but now that you mentionnned that.. is the cachemgr a perl file???
>If so then you can easily grab the part about the "client list" and make a
>CLI interface for it :)

You can request it directly from Squid with the "client" program, like that:

% /usr/local/squid/bin/client cache_object://localhost/client_list

(You might have to add options -h <squid host> and/or -p <squid port>
depending on your configuration.)

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