solaris 2.5.1 tips & tricks?

From: Dirk Vleugels <>
Date: 07 Jan 1998 11:51:19 +0100


i'm going to maintain a fairly large squid installation. We're currently
using squid-1.1.5 on a Ultra1 with 425Meg RAM and a 12G RAID Stripe for
the cache. The setup is stable, and the performance "still" satisfactorily.
Squid is leaking memory, but slowly.

A couple of Questions:
        Does it make sense to use gnu-malloc on a solaris machine?
        Any improvements using it?

        Would a local caching DNS server help, or is a large number of
        dnsserver processes enough (currently 30)?

        What is the maximum possible cache size on this machine, and
        when do we hit the throughput barrier? Currently we're forwarding
        approx. 2.5G/day, and this number is rising.

        Cache size is 9G. Hit rate ~38%. Is this a good rate? Two fairly
        large siblings get a 100% hit rate (of course), i guess this
        will raise the total hitrate a good deal. ICP query hitrate
        is 14%.

        Which version is currently best suited (most stable)? Could
        the NOVM version be a good choice? There is still a large number
        of unused file desriptors....

        Is file system tuning possible and reasonable on a ufs stripe?

Thanx for any hint,


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