squid-1.NOVM-20 Seg Fault, can't set effective user.

From: Mark Rogers <mrogers@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 02:21:39 +1100

Ok, why?

 squid-1.NOVM.18 works great always has. So I try .20 and this is what
Un-tar it, change the src/Makefile.in the way I wan't run configure, run
make all;make install

  Try to run it and bam! "FATAL: Can't set effective user " of course in
the squid.conf the effective user is proxy/users
So that pi**es me off for a few hours and I su to the user proxy and try
again, bam! here we go this time I get FATAL: Received Segmentation

 This is a clean RH4.0 set up on an Intel (cyrix) machine with 128MB
ram. 9GB hdd. Kernel 2.0.32

Any ideas?

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