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From: Steve Kotsopoulos <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 10:30:25 -0500

The main problem in proxying FTP is that the FTP protocol does not
have built-in support for proxies ... HTTP does.

This gives you 2 options when proxying FTP:

1. Use a non-transparent proxy
   Your users will have to login to the proxy first, and then the
   remote FTP server. This is not always acceptible because naive
   won't be able to cope with it, and it will not work via web

2. Use a transparent proxy, which requires kernel support.
   Some commercial firewalls (including ours) support this
   and other transparent proxies. Linux and other operating systems
   have kernel support for transparency, but I'm not sure
   what proxies are available.

Steve Kotsopoulos		Senior Developer, Firewall Division	Secure Computing Canada Ltd.
"S Prabhakar" wrote:
> A clarification on my previous mail...when i said
> ftp i didnt mean http-ftp i meant normal ftp
> [not ftp://..  :) ] i dont think this is already supported
> in squid...i have gone thru the documentation.
> squid supports only http ,http-ftp, wais, gopher etc..
> sorry for being vague...
> regards,
> Prabhakar S
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