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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 21:20:00 -0500

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> Subject: CAN I DO THIS ..
> Hi all ..
> I have a small delema .. I would like to be able to run 2 squids on
> the one machine (on
> two different ports) but at the same time share the cache disks. So I
> thought the
> following would work -
Share cache DISKS - Yes, share cache DIRECTORIES - No

> Install2 squids say one on port 8000 and one on 8080 or what ever
> point both of them to
> the cache directory of /cache and also point both of their log files
> to the same
> directory .. lets say /squid/logs.
Log files are OK with different file names. BUT, store.log and the cache
file which controls the cache directories need to be different, think of
what happens if they *COULD* both write at the same time and you get
intermixed log files - CACHE CORRUPTION !!! File locking etc probably
prevents this in any case.

It's the old "serving two masters" problem. Better to keep it all

> Now there will not be any dupes as one proxy will be used for local
> (au) traffic and the
> other for international.
This being the case, why would you want/need to put them in the same
cache directory ? (I assume you mean .au domain traffic goes to the
"local" proxy, and the rest goes to the "international" proxy) There'd
be no benefit in terms of hit rate etc. Just as well off to peer the
two squids as siblings if there were any duplicate URLS (although from
the sounds of it there shouldn't be) stored in each cache.

> Do you think this will work.. If not can anyone sujest anything
> else... ????
That's all from me...... (and I hope I got it all right.....)

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