Re: TMP dir

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 23:56:38 +1000

squid does not (by default) keep anything in /tmp, or use it for any
reason that I am aware of. I can only presuppose that some other program
was using it as a waypoint in the act of doing something with the logs.


Miles Lott wrote:

> The other day, I discovered an 80 Meg temp file in /tmp.
> I examined it to find squid log messages in it. Being
> experimental, I deleted it. Performance went way up.
> Any thoughts on why this was there? Did squid forget to
> delete it during a restart or possibly from the machine
> reboot that day? It has not shown up again...

Did you read the documentation AND the FAQ?
If not, I'll probably still answer your question, but my patience will
be limited, and you take the risk of sarcasm and ridicule.
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