Re: squid ip cache or local named?

From: Matt Ray <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:11:25 -0500

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Matt Ray
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>>> Michael Pelletier <> 01/21 10:28 AM >>>
On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Oskar Pearson wrote:

> I have a copy of the newer 'NOVM' version.. it's at
> I run it on 4 caches here with no problems...

Mike Mitchell, who wrote the fixes to make the connection-retry patch work
on NOVM without leaking prodigious quantities of filedescriptors, sent me
a copy of that 1.NOVM.17 patch, as well as a new version for 1.NOVM.20.

Since the changes Mike made also make the VM version of the patch more
tidy and well-mannered with respect to filedescriptor timeouts, I applied
the NOVM patch to the VM version, made two one-line tweaks by hand, and
produced a new VM version of the patch.

If you're already running the previous VM patch, there's no pressing need
to change -- I ran it for six months with nary a hiccough, just an
elevated number of filedescriptors in use. However, you can clearly see
from my <A HREF="">MRTG
graphs of filedescriptor use</A> that Mike Mitchell's fixes do make a
significant difference. I installed the new VM version at around 2:00pm

Mike's fixes are only in the 1.1.20 VM patch -- the 1.1.10 and 1.1.14 are
the same as ever. The patches for both VM and NOVM are available at

        -Mike Pelletier.
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