Re: Auto Resume proxy downloads

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:03:49 +0200


> > This was downloading from ftp sites.
> Does FTP support an equivalent of HTTP Range requests? Anybody? If it
> does, it will be supported in Squid 1.2, I guess.

It allows you to continue from a specific point in a file.... See
'std9.txt' (in your nearest RFC mirror).

      The restart procedure is defined only for the block and compressed
      modes of data transfer. It requires the sender of data to insert
      a special marker code in the data stream with some marker
      information. The marker information has meaning only to the
      sender, but must consist of printable characters in the default or
      negotiated language of the control connection (ASCII or EBCDIC).
      The marker could represent a bit-count, a record-count, or any
      other information by which a system may identify a data
      checkpoint. The receiver of data, if it implements the restart
      procedure, would then mark the corresponding position of this
      marker in the receiving system, and return this information to the

      In the event of a system failure, the user can restart the data
      transfer by identifying the marker point with the FTP restart
      procedure. The following example illustrates the use of the
      restart procedure.

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