Re: squid 1.1.20 receives non-existant SIGHUP on FreeBSD 2.2.2R

From: Adam Dace <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 14:26:42 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Jordyn A. Buchanan wrote:

> >You sure you don't have a cron job for log rotation, or something else
> >restarting that thing?

FYI, I've checked and double-checked. There's not much running out of
cron on that machine, and none of it has to do with squid.

> At last! Confirmation that I'm not going crazy. I'm also seeing this
> exact same behavior (under squid 1.16->1.20). We spent a *long* time
> trying to track down the problem (basically turning off cron for a while to
> make sure there was no secret periodic job that was causing the problem,
> running squid in the foreground rather than the background to see if some
> secret error message was printed, searching the archives for anyone
> experieincing a similar problem, etc...)

Eeek! I'm happy I gave up quickly then! Yeesh. Yeah this seems to be in
the realm of: Is this a squid bug (subprocess sending squid a HUP for some
odd reason?), or a FreeBSD bug (yes, I probably should upgrade to 2.2.5R).

> All of this came to naught and we
> just eventually gave up and made a cron job that runs every couple of
> minutes and restarts squid if it's dead. This is (IMHO) not a good
> solution at all, but for a while I thought we were the only one with the
> problem.

I actually attemped reusing a perl script that we use to keep
minisql going, one that just runs system("squid") and then loops around
after death. For some reason that didn't do it for us, and at that point,
I downgraded to squid 1.1.10. So far the proxy has been up all day, with
no crashes/mysterious HUP signals at all. If you're ultra-annoyed by
this, I'd suggest you give up a few features(not even sure what they are!)
and downgrade to squid 1.1.10.

> Does anyone have insight into what would be causing this?

My only suspicion is that the dnsserver or ftpget subprocesses are somehow
sending a HUP upstream to squid, which then proceeds to shutdown. The
only reason I point the finger at squid is that I've got quite a bit of
other stuff(apache, ircd, idled, etc, etc) running on the same server, and
none of them have been receiving mysterious HUP's.

Then again, if that's true, this would be happening on other platforms as
well, i.e. Solaris, and not just FreeBSD 2.2.2R. Weird!

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