Transparent Proxy via ipfw

From: Joeseph Shmoseph <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 98 01:28:03

        been trying to mess with getting a Transparent Proxy to work
using ipfw. so I added a few rules on my test machine this is the one
that gets the reqests for port 80:
/sbin/ipfw add 5000 divert 3128 all from to any
and it IS actually saying that its there.. (when I telnet to port 80 on
my www server, i get a message in my log file saying it went throo ipfw
rule #5000).
However squid isnt seeing it. I have "http_port 3128" in there, and
when I telnet to that, it gives me what it should. does something need
to be done that I'm missing? this DOES seem a little easy using

I tried using ip-filter, but cant find good docs on what to do after
the LKM is loaded...?
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