Re: squid under solaris 2.5.1 consume a lot of file descriptors?

From: Bertold Kolics <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 08:29:11 +0100 (MET)

>The number of file descriptors used is approximately equal to the number
>of established connection plus the number of close_wait if your server
>is not really busy and your server is not NOVM.

Our server was really busy. And the TCP/IP stack of Solaris 2.5 performs
bad in high traffic situations. And *this* was our problem. If there are
many re-transmissions or packet drop at your TCP stack, then the number of
file descriptors needed to give the same performance is significantly

To another question:
>I understand that the fds limit on Solaris 2.5 is 1024. Any idea
>what's the fds limit on 2.6 ?
You can set the max fd on Solaris 2.5 as well. The default fd limit on
Solaris 2.6 is also 1024.

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