Re: Squid Newbie Questions

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 15:17:14 -0700

Jeff Newton writes:

>I appologize in advance if my questions seem trivial. I'd like to
>give Squid a try to reduce the amount of bandwidth required for web
>access (internet and intranet) but I have a few questions that the
>FAQ just didn't answer for me.
>1) How does squid work with cookies. Eg. where the
>cookie specifies users and is required to update frequently (checking
>stock quotes etc)

replies with set-cookie headers are not cached in v1.1. For v1.2
they will be cached, but without the set-cookie header.

>2) How does squid handle pages that require authentication? Does it
>cache only the page code or auth info as well? Will the next hit
>to that page also have to auth?

not cached.

>3) Is there html header info that specifies age info or is it only
>a squid variable that determines how often to update a page?

There are a number of HTTP request and reply headers used to
determine if a cached page is stale or fresh.

For a basic overview, see "Refresh Rules and If-Modified-Since" in

Duane W.
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