Re: Squid Newbie Questions

From: Jason Riedy <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:09:17 -0500

Oh well. Jeff Newton writes:
 - 1) How does squid work with cookies. Eg. where the
 - cookie specifies users and is required to update frequently (checking
 - stock quotes etc)

And Duane Wessels responds:
 - replies with set-cookie headers are not cached in v1.1. For v1.2
 - they will be cached, but without the set-cookie header.

So when a browser accesses a cookie-bearing page through v1.2, the
cookie will be stripped for all accesses after the first and before
the page expires? Or will squid still send a HEAD request to the
destination and then pass along that cookie? (Of course, Yahoo's
busted HEAD will still send the whole body, but...)

I realize the current beta simply denies cacheability. What are
the plans?

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