Re: parent problems

From: Henny Bekker <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 02:02:46 +0100 (MET)

Dear Skeeve,

> this is what the network I'm trying to play with looks like.
> | |
> | |
> ROUTER 1 ---------- PROXY SERVER 1-------
> |
> |
> ROUTER 2 ---------- PROXY SERVER 2-------
> |
> |
> The standard config is that all web traffic comes in via the dialins, goes
> into proxy server 1 and then PS1 connects to External Squid 1. Thats the
> standard flow.
> Except ES1 is sometimes VERY unstable.. but when it works it works well.
> What I WANT to do:
> I want to have the normal Dialins--->PS1--->ES1 happen. When ES1 dies
> I want PS1 to send all traffic to PS2 which is connected to ES2.
> The reason I don't just make PS1 goto ES2 is that in squid you cant separately
> specify a different interface for each parent.
> Problem:
> My problem at the moment is that when I specify ES1 and PS2 both as parents in
> the PS1 config, I cant seem to set it up so that ES1 is the default, and only
> use PS2 as a backup path.
> When I specify both servers as parents, PS1 tries to send all the traffic down
> PS2 since its on the same ethernet and is much faster and direct that ES1....
> Just in clear terms... I want ES1 as a PRIMARY parent and PS2 as a BACKUP
> parent in case ES1 falls over..... I've spent ages going through the FAQ and
> Documentation (which is very badly written) and haven't found anything useful.
> PS. If someone does know how to set squid to use separate interfaces for each
> parent, I'd certainly appreciate it.
I think you can solve this by using weights in the parent relations in PS1 and
PS2 to respectively ES1 and ES2. In PS1 you should have ES1 as a parent with
the highest weight factor (ackting as the default) and have ES1 as a parent
with a lower weight factor (ackting as fall-back)..

I'm using at the moment a quite similar strukture with a toplevel cache and
a fall-back (secondairy) cache..

Cheers, Henny

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