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From: Skeeve Stevens <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 11:45:12 +1100 (EST)

this is what the network I'm trying to play with looks like.

               | |
               | |
            ROUTER 1 ---------- PROXY SERVER 1-------
            ROUTER 2 ---------- PROXY SERVER 2-------

The standard config is that all web traffic comes in via the dialins, goes
into proxy server 1 and then PS1 connects to External Squid 1. Thats the
standard flow.

Except ES1 is sometimes VERY unstable.. but when it works it works well.

What I WANT to do:
I want to have the normal Dialins--->PS1--->ES1 happen. When ES1 dies
I want PS1 to send all traffic to PS2 which is connected to ES2.

The reason I don't just make PS1 goto ES2 is that in squid you cant separately
specify a different interface for each parent.

My problem at the moment is that when I specify ES1 and PS2 both as parents in
the PS1 config, I cant seem to set it up so that ES1 is the default, and only
use PS2 as a backup path.

When I specify both servers as parents, PS1 tries to send all the traffic down
PS2 since its on the same ethernet and is much faster and direct that ES1.....

Just in clear terms... I want ES1 as a PRIMARY parent and PS2 as a BACKUP
parent in case ES1 falls over..... I've spent ages going through the FAQ and
Documentation (which is very badly written) and haven't found anything useful.

PS. If someone does know how to set squid to use separate interfaces for each
parent, I'd certainly appreciate it.
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