Re: Transparent proxying issues.

From: Amos Shapira <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 23:19:09 +0200

Gilles Melanson <> wrote:
|> I've asked the same and was poletly sent to read the FAQ, section 5 is
|> entirely about transparent proxy and explains how to do that with a
|> Cisco as a router and (also) Linux as a Squid platform (together with
|> other environments).
|Looked at it, followed it to a tee (changing the IPs, of course) .. to no
|avail. As soon as I implement the ip policy on the router, no port 80
|requests go anywhere anymore. It's really quite irritating. Thing is,

What happens when you try a simple "telnet somehost 80"? Try putting
some simple "echo Hi there" server via inetd.conf on the squid machine
and see if you get it. If you don't get it then the problem must with
the the router original route mapping. If you do get it then try to
connect to port 80 in the outside world from the proxy machine and see
what happens (all these tests should be done with squid out of the
game, of course).



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