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From: Alp <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 23:59:22 +0000

Hello Folks,

I would be most grateful if anyone can help me in the following scenario:

We want to authenticate users when they want to use our proxy. But
unfortunately our proxy server is on another continent, and our users in
another. We want to restrict access to all but the authenticated users. The
problem here is that the user's internet connection is through an ISP that
uses Dynamic IPS. Therefore each time the uses connects to internet, he
will have a different address. Suppose the isp is: (runs
on Unix SYSTEM V) and the user is john ( Therefore
his UNIX account is john. So when john logs on to his ISP, he will either
get a Dynamic IP like or FQDN like
So it would be impossible to authenticate him as any of these in ACL since
they are not fixed. What can we do to authenticate him as user "john" at
""? We are using Squid 1.1.20, Linux 2.0.30 on a PPro 200

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