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From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 28 Jan 1998 00:49:51 +0100

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Abha Ahuja <> wrote:
>I was curious to hear from other squid-users about their hardware
>and OS recommendations. We are currently running a Linux box (RedHat
>version 4.1, kernel upgraded to 2.0.33, Squid 1.1.20) And every so often,
>the squid process crashes for no apparent reason (we think it might be a
>possible kernel bug)... Also, we are doing some testing on a FreeBSD box
>as well.

We are using a Linux 2.0.33 box, Debian 2.0 (development version),
squid-1.1.20. It is pretty stable (up for a month now - had to move the box).
It is a medium size squid (I guess) at 18175 connections / hour average.
Oh, 128MB of RAM, Pentium 166, 9 GB cache.

There _were_ some probelems with earlier versions of libc5 and libc6.
For RedHat 4.1, at least upgrade libc5 (and development package) to
5.4.3x or so. Hmm, if they are shipping that - I seem to remember RedHat
used a hacked 5.3.12..

If you're going for libc6, either with Debian (unreleased development
version "hamm") or RedHat 5.0, be sure to use at least libc6_2.0.6-2

I have no experience with squid under FreeBSD, so I cannot comment on that.


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