Re: OS survey

From: Tilman Schmidt <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 08:57:07 +0000

At 16:33 27.01.98 -0500, Abha Ahuja wrote:
>I was curious to hear from other squid-users about their hardware
>and OS recommendations. [...] What have people used successfully?

My configuration is a rather small one: Sun Sparcstation 5, 32 MB RAM,
Solaris 2.4, Squid 1.NOVM.18+retry (updated from 1.0.9 last October),
cache_mem 8 MB, cache_swap 380 MB.

This Squid has been serving a small user community (one LAN, about 50
active users) for about 15 months now without a single problem. I am using
it as a HTTP proxy because my users have no direct access to the Internet,
and the caching is just an added benefit for me. I started with a "hermit"
configuration (no parents, no siblings), and added our ISP's Squid as a
parent half a year ago, with no noticeable change in reliability.

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