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From: Francis A. Vidal <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 19:44:22 +0800 (PST)

 At 16:33 27.01.98 -0500, Abha Ahuja wrote:

>I was curious to hear from other squid-users about their hardware
>and OS recommendations. [...] What have people used successfully?

i have two squid 1.NOVM.20 proxy servers on FreeBSD 2.2.5-STABLE. main
proxy server is an intel pentium 166 mHz with 96MB of RAM and 3GB of cache
space while backup server is an intel pentium 100 mHz with 32MB RAM and
1GB of cache space.

if the main proxy is down (for some reasons), we just switch the DNS to
point to the backup server. we serve around 50 clients on a 10mbits line.

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