Is squid my solution?

From: Bernd Fehling <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 10:33:59 +0100

My problem:

We have access to databases inside and outside
our domain, where we have to pay for. Now there
should be the possibility for other users from
a different domain to get access through our
domain to the databases, log there access and
get the payment afterward for successful
For databases outside our domain, we have bought
the access for our domain. So users from a
different domain have to go through our domain
to get a IP-address from our domain. This
makes it possible for them to get access to
databases which are licensed to our domain
and we can charge them via the access log.

The protocols should be HTTP and FTP.

My idea was to use linux with squid.

- Can squid be the solution for my problem?

- If so, would it be better to use transparent
  proxy or can it be solved with a standard
  If transparent proxy is possible, it would
  better for me, because the user must not
  setup manual or autoconfig proxy at his

- Do I have to masquerade because of the IP

- Should I use 2 network adapters to split
  up input & output and having separate
  IP-address for each network adapter?

I know this is not simple, but it would be
good to hear some other points of view and
opinions before I have to make my decision.

Kind regards

Bernd Fehling
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