Re: Commercal Providers

From: Don Lewis <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 15:29:38 -0800

On Feb 3, 3:07am, Dancer wrote:
} Subject: Re: Commercal Providers

} Some examples are anything ending in .asp (active server pages, courtesy of
} microsoft). You get an expires header (sometimes set to 'now', sometimes
} backdated), a 'pragma: no-cache', a 'cache-control: no-store' and something
} else that prevents it..damned if I can remember what. Usually you'll get two
} or three of the above list (sometimes several times in a single
} response-header) depending on the exact build you encounter...There seem to be
} at least a dozen.

Maybe folks with the Microsoft proxy server should complain about how
poor a job it does caching stuff from the Microsoft web site.

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