Re: memory used by squid

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 11:06:28 -0700

Eric Doutreleau writes:

>I have the following problem.
>I use squid on a dedicated machine
>PC linux with 128Mo of memory 8Gb of disk and Redhat5.0
>my squid version is the 1.1.20
>the cache_mem is set to 32Mo
>the max object size is 8Mo
>After several days of squid running i got the following result about
>total space in arena: 141098 KB
> Ordinary blocks: 76273 KB 85604 blks
> Small blocks: 0 KB -1073742528 blks
> Holding blocks: 396 KB 2 blks
> Free Small blocks: 131520 KB
> Free Ordinary blocks: 64825 KB
> Total in use: 76669 KB 54%
> Total free: 196345 KB 139%
>The total in use is always around 50%
>worse i got some
>1998/02/05 09:00:16| WARNING: Exceeded 'cache_mem' size (34424K > 32768K)
>1998/02/05 09:00:16| Perhaps you should increase cache_mem?
>I guess i should increase the cache_mem parameter

I would not, unless you really do have some physical memory on
your system which is not being used.

>How can i make the Total in use close to 100%

I would not trust those numbers above to be correct. Looks like
either a bug in the malloc statistics routines, or Squid is linked
with malloc() from one library and mallinfo() from another.

I would not worry about it.

Duane W.
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