Re: squid gives relative path to ftp server ?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 20:41:56 +0100

Hiroyuki Inoue wrote:

> However the difficulty in such a case is that
> the user will never agree this situation, he said, "But no problem
> with Netscape directly, so the proxy is maybe bad.
> I will not use proxy. Thank you."

This is why the 1.2 shows a simple explanation for the / problem on FTP
errors, and a easy path to get to the intended directory, and some
extended navigation in directory listing intended for non-anonymous FTP
which always start in a user directory.
> There was a same case in the past.
> There was the WWW server which name contained '_' character.
> The use of '_' in hostname violates RFC.
> But Netscape can access its server directly, via squid can not.
> Though the cause exists at the WWW server side, the user couldn't agree
> this situation.

This is not Squid. It depends on the version of the resolver libraries
on the Squid host.. Old libraries -> _ is allowed, new libraries and it
is not allowed.

Many people upgrading their DNS server has been bitten by this as well,
and countless number of secondary DNS servers has stopped working since
a modern DNS server refuses to load zones with _ in hostnames...

Henrik Nordström
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