From: Andy Ma <s9555963@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 21:48:59 +0800

I have Squid compiled finally on solaris 2,6 -x86. Could someone help
with my configuration. The case is like is. I have other PC and UNIX box
connected to the network. And I my Solaris Box is the only PC that is
setup with the IP address that configured to go through the router and
connect to the ISP and to the world of internet. Now, I want other
machine on the network to go through my proxy server and get access to
the internet. I looked at the squid.conf and it was a pretty long file.
And there is alot of terms in there I don't . So could you please help
me to configure? Also would I be able to have any kind of ACL with
squid so that I could filter those that I don't them to have access?
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