A little off-topic: sugestions, please.

From: Alfonso Correas <acserra@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 16:34:42 +0100

Hi to all:

We need to know several things relative to Squid and FreeBSD, some
people use BSD.

We need to deploy several 'little' Squids with FreeBSD (The customer
wants BSD, not Linux).

The machines are like this:

        AMD K6-200/233
        64Mb SDRAM
        NCR 53c810 SCSI controller
        Quantum 2.1Gb SCSI-2 (Operating System and others)
        Quantum 3.2Gb SCSI-2 (Cache dirs)
        3Com 3c900XL PCI Ethernet / 3Com Tokenlink III PCI

How it's the quality of the drivers for the 3Com Ethernet & Token-Ring
cards under BSD? And the NCR SCSI Controller?

How much load can support machines like this? This machines are targeted
for offices with 30-50 users on each.

And we need advise for a hardware configuration for about 300
simultaneous users (And about 8Gb of cache) and Squid.

        Alfonso Correas
        Comm NetWorks
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