Re: Auto Proxy Configuration?

From: George Ellenburg <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:08:01 -0500 (EST)


I'm in a rather unique situation.
  1) I don't run Linux (FreeBSD and BSD/OS 3.1)
  2) I already have several thousand clients who have IE and Netscape
     installed. (I distribute IE, but nothing stops my clients from
     installing Netscape).
  3) The thought of having all of my network traffic flowing through a
     Linux box frankly scares the hell out of me, and my boss, the owner
     of my company.

  Don't get me wrong, we're both (my boss and I) staunch Linux supporters,
but there's a time and a place for everything. Neither of us has any
qualms running Squid or any other application on Linux (actually I prefer
FreeBSD over Linux since it's far more robust and stable, but that's a
mute point for this discussion, and I don't wish for this thread to
begin an OS Holy War <grin>).

My intentions are this; I have a User's Only web-page where my clients can
check their mail, review their account balances, and perform other
functions. It's IP Addr restricted only to my customers across our
separate Class C's and subnets.

What I am hopefully trying to do is embed some Java Script or VB Script
into the main User's Only Page whereby each time a customer hits the page,
it will 'refresh' their proxy settings and force the browser to go through
my proxy server (which is running on FreeBSD). I'm rebuilding my IEAK now
to take care of any new customers; but my problem is I've got several
thousand existing customers which has an increased priority than any new
customers. (Besides, if I'm able to pull this off, any new customers,
once they hit the User's Only Website will have their proxy settings
configured bypassing the need for me to rebuild IEAK or even Netscape for
that matter.)


George M. Ellenburg
Systems Administrator,
Sundial Internet Services

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Michael Samuel wrote:

> Well... I did both :-)
> We distribute a custom Internet Explorer with the manual proxies set up,
> we tell customers to use the java proxy config with netscape, and we
> transparently proxy the remaining through a Linux box (with tproxyd
> compiled with -DPAY_THE_PENALTY)
> And... All three setups are in the Squid FAQ :-)
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