Re: squid/dial-out-on-demand

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:31:08 +0100

On Wednesday 11 February 1998, at 22 h 37, the keyboard of Ruud Sengers
<> wrote:

> (where no DNS-lookup is needed because it's in the cache of the dnsserver
> program of squid) I get an error that the requested URL not
> could be retrieved. Cause: Network unreachable.

You give no details about your setup, unfortunately. Do you have a
permanent default route or does it go up and down with the dial link?

> * Is there somebody else that got the same problem? If yes, how did you
> solve this problem?

On a dial-on-demand network (a PC/Linux runs squid and another one is the Ethernet<->ISDN router), I noticed that Squid doesn't seem to like failures to connect (for instance when the remote router is down). I have to kill -HUP Squid when it happens. Mysterious.

May be wwwofle <> is better suited to dial-on-demand networks (Squid being the best for permanent links).
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