Squid on Digital Unix 4.0B system

From: Nick O'Brien <N.OBrien@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:49:09 +0000 (GMT)


We will be moved our site's Proxy-Cache service from its currently
underpowered server (a DEC2000/300 with 80Mb RAM, Digital Unix 3.2C plus
running many other applications apart from Squid) to a more powerful
dedicated server outlined below.

DEC Alphaserver 1000 4/200
Digital Unix 4.0B with Patch Kit (including network performance patches)
192Mb RAM
4Gb cache on a single UFS partition on its own RZ29B disk.
256Mb swap space

This system will be dedicated to just running Squid. To give you some idea
of the load on our current service Squid handles around 200,000 requests
per day (according to a line count of our last few access.log files).

I would like the list's advice on this configuation. Some of the questions
I would like an answer to are:

Is this configuration suitable for our needs?
We plan to use the latest stable version of Squid. Should we use Squid VM
or NOVM? (at the moment we use NOVM on our current server)
Should we run a DNS slave server (pointing to our site's primary) as we do
on the current server, or use a caching DNS server?

Any other advice on how we should build, install, or run Squid in this
configuration would be gratefully received.



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