Re: Squid on Digital Unix 4.0B system

From: Earl Fogel <>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 09:35:36 -0600 (CST)

On Thursday 12 Feb, 1998, Nick O'Brien wrote:

> Is this configuration suitable for our needs?

It looks good.

Your configuration is very similar to what we run here - an AlphaServer
1000 5/300 running Digital Unix 4.0b with patches. You have more
memory than you need for a 4 Gb cache, but that's ok because Digital
Unix will use the rest for disk buffers. We have a 6 Gb cache split
over 3 disks and we are running squid 1.NOVM.20.

The only change I'd suggest is that you split your cache over
over a couple of disks.

> We plan to use the latest stable version of Squid. Should we use Squid VM
> or NOVM? (at the moment we use NOVM on our current server)

We get better performance with the NOVM version of Squid, because
this leaves more memory for the operating system's disk buffering.

> Should we run a DNS slave server (pointing to our site's primary) as we do
> on the current server, or use a caching DNS server?

I don't run a DNS server on our squid box at all, but I did increase
squid's positive_dns_ttl to 720.

Good luck,

Earl Fogel
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