Re: Stop - Start - Stop - Start

From: Bruce Campbell <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 17:41:47 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, David Richards wrote:

> I have a problem that concerns me. Squid seems to work fine then,
> it will stop serving requests, eventually though, it will continue and
> serve the request.

Hmmm, sounds like DNS lookups (normally what ours pause for anyway).

> When I do a "tail -f access.log", it seems to pause. A lot of the
> time it seems to do it after an ICP_QUERY but, that may just be a
> co-incidence, because I have seen it on non-ICP requests. This event is
> occurring on all three of our proxies, and I find that more often that not
> this event is occuring on two of three proxies simultaneously [No spell
> checker in pine :-) ]

q: when multiple proxies block at the same time, is it only on an ICP
   query, or on a normal end-user query (handled by that proxy)

q2: If it is on an ICP query, is it just between them only, or to the
   QuestNet proxies as well?

q3: anything consistent in the URL's being requested around such an error?
   (remember, it could be before or after the log entry it pauses on.)

> What is going on?

No idea to be honest ;)


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