New DNS related tag for 1.1.20

From: J. Kean Johnston <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 19:56:45 -0800

To whom it may concern.

Below is a patch against 1.1.20 which adds a new option, ``dns_resolver''.
This is a boolean option and will allow users to configure Squid to
resolve names in a manner more consistant with the normal resolver
librarary. As the comment for the option says, this is mainly useful for
organisations which have a single cachining proxy, or a hierarchy
solely within their own domain.

I personally just needed this option, as we are setting up a Squid proxy
for test purposes, but found that many home pages which users were
requesting were "unknown". This is because users are accustomed to
having the resolver walk through the search list in resolv.conf. By
allowing the proxy to act in the same manner, this means a user can
still request http://singlehost/foo.html and have singlehost searched
for across all the domains.

Simply setting "append_domain" isn't good enough. What about domains
(exactly like ours) where there are many possible domains to search
for? I guess another option would be to allow append_domain to specify
multiple domains, but this seemed like more work.

Please feel free to use this patch as you will. I personally find it useful,
and for first time squid users who have not had the time to learn all of
its idiosyncracies, this option makes a lot of sense.

J. Kean Johnston.

PS. I will post a patch against 1.2b15 if you think this is a useful option.
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