Server hang (aiee:scheduling in interrupt)

From: lopy <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:47:52 +0800

Dear Squid Users,

        We have setup a new linux box (slackware-2.0.30) running squid-1.1.20. We
found that the machine will hang up sometimes with this error message
"Aiee:scheduling in interrupt 00123ee9" on console. We can reboot the
machine ONLY by power off and on again. Also the machine just run squid
process ( without nfs, rpc, ppp, slip, etc).

        Sorry that maybe the problem is coming from LINUX OS, please forgive
little bit off-the-topic. Can anyone tell me what's going wrong from my
setup ?

Here is the information :

        P5 - 133 MHz
        128 MRAM
        Aha2940 UW card (Detect -> IRQ = 11)
        U-Fast-Wide 4 GB scsi disk
        3c905 (run at 100M Full-Duplex)

        OS - Linux slackware 2.0.30
        Squid - 1.1.20
                Squid configure - cache_mem -> 24 M
                                                  cache_swap -> 4 G

Sorry for any inconvenience caused,

Hong Kong Baptist University
Received on Mon Feb 16 1998 - 20:18:18 MST

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