From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 03:20:32 +1000

Sergey Sarayev wrote:

> I searched through Users Guide and FAQ and din't find answers for the
> following questions:
> 1) Does squid perodically checks it's ACL lists? Or I should restart squid
> for changes to make effect?
> The main idea is to stop servicing an IP address after traffic limit has
> exceeded.

Squid only re-reads it's conf file (which contains the ACL's) when it gets a
What it does then is:
1) Stops accepting new connections.
2) Waits for shutdown_lifetime seconds for any current connections to finish.
3) When there are no more running connections OR when shutdown_lifetime
seconds has elapsed, sync logfiles and reload the config.
4) Open up the http and icp ports for connections again.

To try to minimise disruption to your users if you go this route, you can
shorten shutdown_lifetime, but that will tend to break a higher percentage of
transfers that exist at the time of the SIGHUP.

Best solution, IMO: Look in the release notes for 1.1, and code a quick little
redirector that checks the client-ip against whatever you use to determine
transfer limits. When they exceed their limit, let the redirector return the
URL of some locally fetchable page telling them they've exceeded their limit
or whatever.

That puts the whole show under your control, doesn't require SIGHUP'ing squid,
and disrupting users, and doesn't use ACL's.

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