Re: Compile squid1.2beta15 with async-io

From: Edwin Culp <>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 21:32:14 -0600

Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira wrote:
> Dear Ed,
> > What do I need to compile squid1.2beta15 --enable-async-io
> > under FreeBSD Current.
> >
> > I haven't been able to compile it. It dies en aiops.c.
> The source file aiops.c requires pthreads functions.
> I am not sure about current, yet under stable and release:
> You need to compile FreeBSD libc_r that supports the MIT pthreads
> standard. Make sure you have the libraries sources installed.
> cd /usr/src/lib/libc_r && make depend && make && make install
> There you have it. Try configuring again.
That worked fine and now I have the libc_r libraries. Thanks alot, I
realized that they weren't built automatically with a make world.

That isn't my only problem. It looks like there are some include files
that don't exist or aren't being found. I'll keep at it. Thanks Again.

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