Problems under Red Hat 5.0?

From: Ken Hickey (Stork) <>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 18:00:42 +1100

Hello all!

I have constant problems trying to install Squid. I am running Red Hat Linux 5.0 (Kernel 2.0.32). I have been trying to install version 1.1.20 and having no sucess. I also tried version 1.1.18 aswell to make sure.

The error message that appears is:
FATAL ERROR: do no run squid as root. set cache_effective_user.

I did set this option using nobody nogroup and then trying make my own accounts for it and I have had advice from other users and I have had no success in doing so.

I have been told Red Hat 5.0 is alittle buggy but people claim they can operate Squid on it.

If anyone can tell me how to set an appropiate account to be used with it and make it run that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.
Ken Hickey (Stork)
ICQ: 4696427
Received on Sat Feb 21 1998 - 23:17:36 MST

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