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From: Ming Lu <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:15:48 -0500 (EST)

Please tell me the URL for that product!


On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Matthew Petach wrote:

->Recently, David J N Begley talked about "Re: Cisco WCCP and Squid", and said
->> On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Hank Nussbacher wrote:
->> > to redirect web requests to a wccp engine on ethernet3/1. The question is,
->> > will Squid handle Cisco redirects?
->> As far as I can tell, Cisco hasn't published *any* technical
->> specifications on the WCCP protocol (I can't find anything on CCO, nor in
->> any of the Internet drafts held by the IETF) - subsequently, only Cisco
->> products (or products from vendors under some agreement with Cisco) can
->> use the WCCP protocol (until someone with enough spare money, time and
->> generosity decides to reverse engineer the protocol I s'pose).
->> > This would be a better solution than what John proposes in the FAQ since if
->> > the proxy server is down then the service is down, whereas the cisco
->> > implementation is supposed to sense whether the proxy server is up or down.
->> Yes, this would be a "nice" addition to Squid; but without any
->> specifications, what's the chance of WCCP appearing in Squid? Pretty slim
->> I'd say.
->If you want the reliability of the WCCP without wanting to pay
->the full price for the Cisco solution, and you like Squid, I'll
->put a plug in again for the Alteon ACEswitch. You don't need to
->put route-maps into your Cisco and worry about process-switching
->all of your web traffic, it redirects port 80 for you, it allows
->you to have multiple Squid boxes hanging off the unit, with
->dynamic failover in case one of the unit stops responding, and
->it works at full wirespeed. Take a gigabit ethernet port in
->from your access pool, send a gigabit port out to the internet
->backbone router, and have 8 Squid boxes hanging off 100mb
->ethernet ports, with all port 80 traffic load-balanced among
->the 8 Squid boxes, and you've got a transparent proxy-cache
->that will beat the pants off anything to roll out of Cisco's
->labs, for a quarter the price. AND, you get to keep working
->with the Squid you know and love, source code and all.
->It didn't take much thinking for me to make the right choice.
->> If specs *do* become available, I'd be queuing up to be one of the first
->> beta-testers for WCCP support in Squid (I'd even try and code some of
->> it, damnit!).
->Or, simply go with the competitor, that's already using open
->protocols, supporting standard ICP between Squid boxes. If
->you're serious about transparent proxying, Alteon has the
->solution you're looking for.
->> Cheers..
->> dave
->I don't work for them, I don't even know what their building
->looks like, I'm just a really happy user of their box.
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